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who we are

Find out who is the team behind the dream. Get to know our band of intrepid Changemakers actively working to transform the world of education.


this is us. Who are you?

We are Changemaker Collective: A loosely organized misfit band of under-cover professionals who devise creative solutions to complex problems. We come from a widely varying industries from banking, to culture, to tech-startups, but we’ve got one thing in common: we’re passionate about shaking up the system. Whether we’re with getting high-school excited about entrepreneurship, or helping established organized turbo-charge their decision making processes, we believe in radical collaboration, learning by doing and continual self development. We tailor make everything we do to help you get the best out of yourself, your team or your organization. 

Here are a few of our members


Lars Rompen
Cooperative-minded trouble-maker. Idealist.


Jeroen Duijsens
Project-management power ranger. Educator.


Peter Powell
Accidental entrepreneur with a creative streak.


Sofija Gribc
Policy Expert with a knack for personal coaching. 



Cecile Cremer
World-wandering trend expert.


Steven van den Tol Education Hero

Naamloos 3.png

Annika Bessems Behavioural Scientist & all-round smart person.


Mark Pluijmakers
Powerpoint wizard.


Heleen Mathijssen
First-class organizer.


Peter De Zwart Communications wunderkind.


Are you an idea generating machine, a plan-executer extraordinaire, or a box-free thinker? Do you share our passion to help others learn for life? We’re always looking for new Changemakers, get in touch!

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