Team Academy Quest



September 2019

Are you ready to become part of the next generation of world-changers and future-shapers! Team Academy Quest is a 5 month program where you’ll start to uncover your “quest” in life. From discovering your dream career, to launching your own project or business, or simply exploring the world, join Quest and find out what you’re capable of!


Transform yourself

You and your team of Questers will be helped along the way by a team coach, a personal mentor, and experienced field experts: accomplished entrepreneurs, business people and community leaders.


Join other questers


Learn by Doing

Quest is an intense learning experience where you’ll take part in workshops, trainings, team challenges, and international trips. You’ll work on an individual project or business (this can be something you’ve already started, hope to launch, or even something you discover along the way), while learning to be an strong leader and capable follower. 

Build your dream

You’ll develop effective habits, explore your strengths and confront weaknesses along the way. By the end of the programme you’ll have started your dream business, non-profit, career, or project, emerging as a strong leader, aware of your passions, self-organized, able to define your purpose and capable of turning your dreams into reality.


Please, tell me more!


Time Commitment

Kick Off September 19th, 2019 - 18:00h TA, Maastricht

Finish January 31st, 2020

Interval 3 x 6 week modules

Per Module Schedule

Workshop/Team Training  1 evening, bi-weekly 

Team Session  1 evening bi-weekly

Personal Coaching (optional)  2 hours per month

Team Challenge 1 weekend (2.5 days) per module




module 1

Forming, Discovering and exploration

Workshops: High Perfoming Teams
Team Training Sessions
Personal Coaching
Challenge: Wilderness Survival


Module 2

creation and validation

Workshops: Design Sprint
Team Training Sessions
Personal Coaching
Challenge: Change 1 Life


module 3

funding, launching and scaling

Workshops: Growth Hacking
Team Training Sessions
Personal Coaching
Challenge: Learning Journey Abroad

Programme cost

The Programme Costs €125 per module, or one payment of €399. This includes, workshops, coaching, mentoring and team sessions. This does not include costs related to challenges, money for this must be raised together with your team.

Merit-based funding opportunities are available. Reach out to us to discuss these options.


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