Future Mapping

Discover your future. Not sure what university study to choose? Not sure what subject you want to learn? Not sure what career you want to go into? This 3 hours workshop will help you map out your future and decide what study and what career is best for you.


Future Mapping Workshop

design your future,
may 7th, qeske maastricht





Do you ever have the feeling you could do so much more if you were just more focussed, more organized, more motivated? Do you feel unsure of where you’re going with your studies, your career…? Then you’re in the right place. Our 3 hour Future Mapping workshop is designed in collaboration with lifestyle designers, personal coaches and trend watchers to help you get a clearer picture of who you are, where you want to go and what steps you can take to get there. 


This workshop is for 17-25 year olds struggling to decide what to do next with their study or career. It’s for exam candidates, gap year students, or anyone their first or second year of university/hogeschool who face an important choice for their future and aren’t sure how to make it. Whether you’re considering stopping your study, switching programs, or taking a year off, if your future seems uncertain and its hard to make a decision, the Future Mapping Workshop is for you.


In 3 hours you’ll define your future more clearly and begin choosing a path towards your goals. Our toolkit will help you discover your potential, purpose and passion, and on this basis make a decision for your future. Once you’ve completed the workshop you’ll know what drives you, what your strengths are, you’ll have defined clear goals and know how you can start to achieve them. In short, you’ll define the future you want to create and how to start making it happen.






define your strengths, purpose and passion based on past experience, and confirmed with micro-experiments.



define your options and potential study/career paths through trend forecasting tools and iterative testing.





we believe in learning by doing so you’ll discover your strengths and passions with real-world micro-experiments. We’ll also bring practical, relevant knowledge and tasks to the table.



the people around you provide the greatest learning opportunity, you’ll receive valuable feedback and insights from both experts and fellow participants helping you to test and clarify your thoughts.



any decision you make has be motivated by your own intrinsic drive. Discovering and defining what gets you out of bed in the morning, not what others expect of you, ensures that you’ll make decisions which you’ll be committed to in the long-term.


Your future starts here. New dates coming soon!


This is us:

We are Changemaker Collective: A loosely organized misfit band of under-cover professionals who devise creative solutions to complex problems. We come from widely varying industries, from banking to culture, to tech-startups, but we’ve got one thing in common: we’re passionate about shaking up the system. We’ve teamed up with Qeske, a regional innovation and startup hub changing the way Limburgers learn and work.

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Did you know?

Almost 35% of HBO/VWO students drop out in their first year and almost 20% of students switch courses. We want to change that!