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Angry Nerds

Learn to code from scratch. Join the tribe, become a nerd, build your wildest dreams.



Invasion of the Nerd

Powered by extensive experience and some of the purest caffeine on the planet, we’re launching Maastricht’s first selection of certified coding courses for normal human people. With so much of the world run by machines we think its high-time everyone learned how to code. Not with complicated, theory-heavy courses given by some uni-prof with questionable fashion choices, but with practical week-long camps which help you solve every-day problems, taught by industry professionals designed to be fast-paced and engaging.

Curious about coding but not sure where to start? Then you’re in the right place. We’re launching our very first coding camp this summer! In just one week you can learn to build your own app to help you in your daily life. Click here for more info.




The Way

of the nerd


For one hyper-active week you and a team of aspiring nerds will learn from an expert instructor under the guidance of a team coach. You’ll choose a tough challenge to tackle in your own life, then ideate, design, test and build a basic real-world-ready app for Android/iOS. If you want you can even have it published in the play/app store. It’ll be an intense, jam packed learning experience but in the end you and your team will emerge as better, stronger nerds—together.



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Upcoming Camps



Topic: Android/iOS app development
Dates: July 8-14
Cost: from €195
Early Nerd: from €165
Application Deadline: June 30
Capacity: 30


Web Design

Topic: CMS based web design
Dates: TBD
Cost: €215-325
Application Deadline: TBD
Capacity: 30


Can’t Make it?

Can’t make it to an upcoming camp but would like to join in future?
Drop us a line and we’ll get in touch with more info about upcoming courses.

Ever thought “I should make an app for that... oh s**t, I don’t know how to code”? Then you’re in the right place.

We’re Angry Nerds: A collaboration between Team Academy, Activitree and Qeske. we’re using our combined brain-power to bring real-world ready knowledge to the masses. Thanks for being part of our journey!